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Outstanding technical competence, innovative solutions, a dedicated approach and a personal track record of primary standing: we know how to combine quality in assistance and flexilibity, capability of being close to the clients’ needs and competitiveness.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at providing a comprehensive and cost-efficient advice with a strategic vision, and, at the same time, taking full advantage of the expertise of our professionals.

M&A e Corporate Finance

We have a vast and consolidated experience in M&A and private equity transactions, joint ventures, reorganizations and turnaround management. We are also involved in M&A and private equity transactions implemented in the context of situations of financial distress, crisis or insolvency at a company’s and group’s level, where we use our competences in the different practice areas of M&A, insolvency law and reorganizations.


We assist and advice Italian and international clients in the structuring, drafting and negotiation of the contractual documentation of any transaction. We also carry out the due diligence process, with the analysis and identifications of the risk factors and the drafting of the legal due diligence report.

Our professionals have been involved in a number of the most important and complex M&A and restructuring transactions in Italy in recent years, even in highly regulated sectors, giving our contribution in structuring and realising innovative solutions. To each of our clients we offer our technical expertise and knowledge of the law, together with the ability to manage complex projects involving many parties. An added benefit is our ability to understand the client’s expectations, the regulatory, market and the strategic context in which our client operates, including our client’s financial and industrial needs. Our aim is to offer our clients the solution we feel to be the most appropriate in any given case.


We analyze the tax implications and the issues relating to the financing of the transaction, assessing their impact on the overall transaction. In private equity investments, we structure, draft and negotiate the contractual documentation of the investment, co-investment or divestment, as the case may be, helping our clients in coordinating the investment strategies with the industrial objectives and the business development of the target companies, the performance of the target companies and the market context in which they operate, and with their corporate governance and management.

We also offer a complete range of services in the area of corporate finance, assisting national and international issuers in public offers, capital increases and, in general, in all kinds of equity and debt issues made by industrial and services companies, with a pro-active approach aimed at matching the business needs of our clients with the applicable regulatory framework.

Thanks to consolidated relationships with Italian and international law firms, we have the ability to provide assistance, with fully integrated workgroups, in cross-border transactions to Italian clients who invest abroad and to foreign clients who invest in Italy.


Our Firm assists primary real estate investors (i.e. construction companies, developers, real estate funds, luxury & leisure operators) in real estate transactions and trading.


We work on each phase of any transaction, from the incorporation of the corporate vehicles to the carrying out of the legal due diligence investigations (with the review of all relevant issues – such as those relating to the verification of the title to property, authorizations and permits as well as the environmental, tax, cadastral, urban and building aspects relevant to the specific transaction), to the phase of the sale and purchase of the vehicle company or the real estate asset, as the case may be. We are also involved in co-investment transactions and in the development and implementation of real estate projects (with the drafting and structuring of the contractual documentation relating to general contractors, contractors and sub-contractors).

We have worked in significant building renovation transactions of urban and industrial areas. We assist our clients in the investment and management of any real estate transaction relating to the hotel & leisure sector, shopping centers, industrial plants and residential complexes.

Debt Restructuring and Corporate Reorganisation

We provide assistance and support to our clients in the structuring, implementation and completion of tailor-made solutions for the management of situations of financial and industrial crisis,offering our expertise in the field of debt restructuring and insolvency law, together with in-depth knowledge and expertise in M&A and corporate finance transactions.


We have been, and we are, involved in some of the most complex restructuring transactions involving Italian and international industrial groups and multinationals, as well as with situations of financial and industrial crisis involving manufacturing companies and services’ suppliers.

We have many years of experience in the negotiation of in-court and out-of-court debt restructuring agreements, composition with creditors and insolvency litigation proceedings.



We assist our clients in all areas of labor law. In particular, we support our clients in collective dismissals, reorganization procedures, stock option plans, share granting programs, hiring of personnel (such as employees, cadres and employees),agents e consultants (including contracts of services and the like),


the management of the relationships with trade unions and the directors.

We release legal opinions in labour law matters and provide assistance in litigation cases before labor Courts.


We assist clients in the development, acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs, models, know how, trade secrets, geographical indications and other distinctive signs) and in the protection against third parties’ violations or acts or unfair competition before Judicial Courts (both civil and criminal Courts) as well as before national, international and EU IP offices.


Our assistance and advice in the exploitation of intellectual property rights includes the drafting and negotiation of a wide variety of contracts of the market such as assignment, license, distribution, franchising, merchandising, sponsoring, advertising and technology transfer agreements.

We also represent our clients before national, international and EU IP offices in the administrative procedures for the registration of IP assets and to maintain their validity, and before the national, European and international Custom Authorities active in the fight to counterfeit.

Banking and

We provide advisory services and assistance on acquisition financing transactions involving LBOs, MLBOs and real estate investment, as well as debt restructuring and securitization transactions. We provide assistance in the structuring and negotiation of financing agreements and the related security package.


We have many years of experience in drafting and the negotiation of financial contracts and arrangements, including at a cross-border level, and in the analysis of matters related to any kind of financing transaction.

We also have consolidated experience in the fields of banking, finance and insurance litigation, banking regulatory matters, finance and insurance, and litigation relevant to such regulatory matters.


Corporate and Contractual Assistance

We provide assistance and advisory services to our clients for the day-by-day management of their businessincluding, in case of litigation, support for drafting and the negotiation of domestic and cross-border commercial contracts (construction, agency, distribution, franchising, licensing, supply of goods and services and engineering), management of relationships with customers and suppliers, and, in the case of a deadlock between shareholders or directors, in the structuring and implementation of corporate governance systems, negotiation strategies and crisis management strategies.

We offer many years of experience to our clients and a well-recognized ability to understand problems, from choosing the best solution through to implementation of the solution and the effective management of any project and the related parties.

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